Selma Blair Grabs A Coffee With ANOTHER LIFE Executive Producer Noreen Halpern

October 22, 2018 – Los Angeles

Selma Blair grabs a coffee with Netflix’s ANOTHER LIFE executive producer, Noreen Halpern. Selma took to Instagram to express her gratitude for the wonderful support she has received while working on her latest project ANOTHER LIFE. Netflix and ANOTHER LIFE’s show runners have been very supportive of Selma since her recent diagnosis of Multiple sclerosis (MS).

ANOTHER LIFE is currently shooting in Vancouver and is scheduled to premiere in 2019 on Netflix. Selma Blair plays Harper Glass in the 10 episode TV series.

HEATHERS Episode 10 Yanked From American Audiences

October 8th, 2018 – Selma Blair TV News

The HEATHERS reboot will finally air this month on Paramount Network sans its intended finale. Rumor has it that the show will only air 9 episodes in the US instead of the full 10 episodes that were produced due to controversial scenes depicting gun violence in a school.

The 10th episode entitled Are We Going to Prom or Hell? will only be available in Australia as the showrunners and producers deemed it too controversial for American audiences after the Parkland, Florida school shooting earlier this year.

HEATHERS season one, episode 9, has been reworked into a cliffhanger instead. No word yet if the series will continue for additional seasons.


Stay tuned.