Photoshoot Sessions 1

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5 thoughts on “Photoshoot Sessions 1

  1. I had a great opportunity Memorial Day Weekend to meet Selma and Brigette (the woman who’s story Selma read) … Most memorable to meet them both .. Talking with Selma in Statuary Hall inside the US Capitol, I found her to be so wonderful, needless to say beautiful .. down to earth and hunbled, to be among the Wonded Warriors and Veterans. I still ask myself, (lol) how did I manage, to stand there right next to her. looking at and talking to me and never ask for a photo or autograph ?! Thanks Selma .. I’ll never forget your being so gracious and patient with me.

  2. You have such a distinct look. I’ve followed your career for years. Your a couple years older than me and I’ve always admired you. Tried modeling and acting, but I found I was just too shy. I dream long gone now lol.

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