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  1. Hey,

    I´m a big fan of your work, I like the way you playing your roles in movies and on TV, it´s an inspiration. I love your representation of Kate in Anger Management.
    It is possible to send you something , so that you sign it and send back to me? Sorry, my English is very bad, but I want that you know: I´m a very big fan!

    Thank you!

    • Hi! Welcome to! I am not the real Selma Blair, I just run a fansite for fans that love her and her great style and talent. You can reach Selma on Instagram at therealselmablair and also Twitter at @SelmaBlair. Good luck!

  2. I hope you are ok, I was very concerned about your safety, when you have been abused and hear about another bring abused it is very distressing.

  3. I hope this message finds you well. I would like to begin with the purpose around my message. Someone in my life, recently sent me your GMA interview clip. The reason why I was sent the clip was because you had made reference to a customized/chic styled-cane. As someone reliant on cane use, this statement struck an enormous a chord with me. A great unfilled passion of my life has been to somehow help develop and design more fashionable mobility devices (e.g., canes, walkers and wheel chairs, etc.) for people in need.

    Why did the clip and your mention of cane use effect me? In August of 2012 at 32 years of age, I was stricken with a rare form of West Nile Virus (WNV). I did not contract the virus from traveling out of the country; rather, it occurred in/around my home in Albany, NY. The virus itself and the way it attacked my nervous system nearly killed me. I somehow persevered, but was initially left paralyzed from the waste down. I was told by doctors (locally in Albany) that I would never walk again. After, years of intense physical therapy and care by doctor’s at John Hopkins, I regained the ability to walk again. After my hip replacement surgeries related to WNV, I relied heavily on cane usage. When I returned back to work at my employer after 2+ years in recovery, I was embarrassed by needing a cane. Especially, because I am in very professionalized business setting and the cane(s) stood out. Trying to find an ascetically pleasing cane (e.g. derby cane) that legitimately supported my mobility needs, has been impossible. Strangely, cigar shops have been the best purveyor of said canes. The type of archaic, hospital-styled/looking canes (available at any pharmacy or mobility speciality store), obviously posses the necessary support, but lack any sort of personality or palatable design, so many people needing them want.

    My question to you – is did you ever pursue any sort of designer cane venture or find a company/establishment suited to develop said products. Again, an unfilled goal of mine is to help and better the quality of life of those who need supportive devices. I would like to apply my skill set to help in this area in any way that I can.

    Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. You are not alone in your struggle. If you ever needed someone to talk outside your normal channels, I would be honored and privileged to be there for you. Thank you.

    Robert Weaver

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