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Write a few words about why you are a fan of Selma Blair.

5 thoughts on “Guest Book

  1. Hey,

    I´m a big fan of your work, I like the way you playing your roles in movies and on TV, it´s an inspiration. I love your representation of Kate in Anger Management.
    It is possible to send you something , so that you sign it and send back to me? Sorry, my English is very bad, but I want that you know: I´m a very big fan!

    Thank you!

    • Hi! Welcome to! I am not the real Selma Blair, I just run a fansite for fans that love her and her great style and talent. You can reach Selma on Instagram at therealselmablair and also Twitter at @SelmaBlair. Good luck!

  2. I hope you are ok, I was very concerned about your safety, when you have been abused and hear about another bring abused it is very distressing.

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