Selma Blair Grabs Lunch At Cheebo

Selma Blair grabs lunch at Cheebo with her friend Andrew Rosenthal, owner of LA Dogworks.

Selma’s Style: The Essential Shirt by Splendid over white tank. Express Zelda Royal Blue Jean Legging. Yohji Yamamoto slipper shoes. Vintage Chanel Limited Edition quilted handbag. Barton Perreira aviators. Chanel J12 wristwatch.

Selma Blair Clears Up Those “Wearing Versace, Being Homeless” Comments

November 17, 2011 by: MADISON VANDERBERG

Last week at the Versace for H&M launch last week, actress Selma Blair told E! News that the first piece of Versace she ever owned was while she was homeless and living at a Salvation Army in NYC when she was 21.

Two things happening right now. Selma Blair was homeless? Selma Blair wore Versace while homeless? Ok, that’s fierce.

But we had to ask, did this really happen? And how did she afford it? And homeless? So many questions, so little time.

“Yes, that was kind of tongue and cheek at a Versace thing and I didn’t live in a homeless shelter,” Blair tells Modamob at the Hollywood Style Awards, “I lived at a paying salvation army which is very different, [which have] these women’s residences. So yes, but I actually found at a thrift store vintage Versace so it was actually not that pricey.”

Okay, that’s starting to make a little more sense. Now that Blair is no longer homeless and a great actress, she can afford Versace if she wants to. However, she’s a mom for the first time and says her style has changed now that she has a kid.

“Everything shifted, my style tips are so different [since] I had a kid” says the actress, “[I] used to be less is more, keep it simple, keep it clean and now well nothing’s clean literally on me so it doesn’t matter. I mean I am all for color now even though I’m wearing black.”

Blair says when she goes out now, she refuses to carry a purse. If she’s not carrying a baby, she’s not carrying anything at all.

“I have the baby off of my hip right now and I’m like ‘I’m not carrying a thing.’ I’m done with purses,” she reveals to Modamob.

Fair enough. And while most Hollywood moms are quick to hit the gym right after they give birth, Blair is way more relaxed about the whole thing.

“I actually haven’t lost any weight since the day I left the hospital. I still weigh the exact same number, I haven’t really been focusing on that at all,” Blair reveals.

Hey, she looks great, so if not-working out is working, then keep it up.

Now that her son Arthur is a few months old, Blair has been making the rounds in Hollywood. She’s was out and about at the Hollywood Style awards, The Versace for H&M launch, and the Gwen Stefani Harajuku Mini launch this week. But she says she’s still doesn’t want to leave her son and go back to work.

“If I had my druthers I would absolutely be a stay at home mom but that’s not the reality of my life so I will be trying to get work but its hard to leave the baby, I want every moment to be with him,” she tells Modamob.

Selma Blair Shops Barneys

Selma Blair arrives home in the rain after a day of shopping in Beverly Hills. The Dark Horse star gives a quick smile to the paparazzi before heading inside.

Today’s rainy day look includes: a stellar Maison Martin Margiela black pea coat, Rick Owens long skirt, black Guidi boots and a Elder Statesman beanie hat.