Selma Blair Lends Voice To ALL EYES ON US | 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Commercial

Selma Blair lends her voice for FOX & FS1 for the new FIFA Women’s World Cup commercial.

Check out the new commercial below!

Selma Blair Does Voice Work For New Cartuna Cartoon Series

May 22, 2018

Selma Blair announced on Instagram that she will be voicing a cartoon character for Cartuna’s new show Liverspots + Astronots. Here’s a little bit about the new adult cartoon show :

Liverspots + Astronots

Fueled by existential dementia and hallucinogenic animation, Liverspots + Astronots pits a ragtag group of senile curmudgeons (and one insightful ape) against their own inhibitions, an evil goat-faced alien doctor, and the mysteries of space-time.

No one seems to know why Dusty Craters, a dilapidated nursing home, is floating through space carrying a colorful assortment of grumpy elderly folks under the care of an evil goat doctor. But when Big Man and Roosi — a telepathic female ape and the ship’s brightest senior resident — slowly begin to unravel the mystery of Dusty Craters, they soon discover that it may play an integral role in the survival of the universe.

A Cartuna Original

Created By:

Nate Milton & Rob Bohn

Written By:

Nate Milton, Rob Bohn, Daniel Shepard & Diana McCorry

Executive Produced By:

Nate Milton, Rob Bohn, Daniel Shepard, James Belfer & Adam Belfer


Diana McCorry

Art Direction and Animation By:

Nate Milton and Rob Bohn

Listen To Selma Blair’s Live Recording From Pin Drop Studio Soho House West Hollywood

April 17, 2016

File this one under Amazeballs. Here is a real treat for you Selma fans out there.

Listen to a live recording of Selma Blair reading Ms. Featherstone and the Beast by Bethan Roberts.  This live recording was made on April 7th, 2016 at Soho House West Hollywood, where Selma captivated the audience with her wonderful reading!

Ms Featherstone and the Beast is the winning entry from the first RA & Pin Drop Short Story Award.


Selma Blair at Pin Drop L.A.







Selma Blair Gives Eva Hesse A Voice in New Documentary

Selma Blair tweeted a photo from the Eva Hesse documentary screening last night in Los Angeles. Selma did the voice work as Eva in the new film directed by Marcie Begleiter. Click here for more information about Eva Hesse and the movie.

Selma Blair at Eve Hesse Screening