Selma Blair Funny Quotes: NYFW SS14 Edition

Funny Quotes From Selma Blair

On Her Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Diet:

“This is why I can’t lose my baby weight, because I ate crepes, I ate French toast, I ate an ice cream cone, I had french fries, and three hamburgers! Then I’m going to go and have a full dinner with my son. Then I’ll go out again tonight.”

Selma Blair Funny Quotes: Fashion Week Edition

Funny Quotes From Selma Blair

On Her Christian Siriano Dress:

I’m not one of these people that’s like, I can eat whatever I want, whenever. I’m like, no I need a tight leather dress to keep all those hamburgers in, and I got one!”

Funny Quotes From Selma Blair

Selma Blair On Missing The Role Of Joey Potter:

“I could be living in a castle right now, with Tom Cruise as my husband. I have such a crush on him! Not as big a crush as I have on Bill Nighy. But I wish someone would jump on a couch for me…”