Selma Blair Officially Fired From ‘Anger Management’

Charlie Sheen & Selma Blair Anger Management Baby Shower 2

June 18, 2013

Selma Blair no longer a cast member on Anger Management!

Lionsgate Studios just released an official statement saying,

“We are confirming that Selma Blair will not be returning to Anger Management and we wish her the very best.” is reporting that an insider has revealed more details about Selma Blair’s shocking dismissal, including that she was fired via “text” and that Sheen called her a “c-t”.

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Charlie Sheen Threatens Anger Management Producers – FIRE SELMA BLAIR OR I QUIT

The latest report from TMZ 6-18-13 1pm PST:

Charlie Sheen has told “Anger Management” producers — FIRE SELMA BLAIR ASAP OR ELSE HE’S QUITTING THE SHOW … TMZ has learned.

We broke the story — Charlie has been on a mission to get Selma 86’d from the show because he believes she’s been complaining about him behind his back … trashing his work ethic.

Now, sources tell TMZ … Charlie returned to work Monday and told producers he wants the termination process started TODAY … or else he’ll walk.

It’s a big threat from Charlie — who’s set to make between $75 and $200 MILLION if he completes the 100 episode order for “Anger Management” … depending on how it does in syndication. We’re told Charlie’s completed roughly half of the 100 episode order.

We’re told Charlie understands that there can be complications with firing someone from a TV show … but he wants producers to begin drawing up an exit strategy for Blair by the end of the day.

Sources connected to the production tell us … Selma was not on set yesterday, though it’s unclear if she was scheduled to work.

This morning, Blair was spotted out on a walk with her kid — and when asked about her potential termination from “Anger” she just shook her head and replied, “I don’t know anything.”

We’re told FX network execs are currently in talks about how to handle the situation … but it’s unclear if Blair’s fate has been decided.

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Charlie Sheen ‘Fires’ Selma Blair From Anger Management

6-18-13 UPDATE:
No official word on whether or not Selma Blair has been fired from Anger Management. Both camps have been silent since the initial report on TMZ yesterday. Stay tuned…


From TMZ this morning (6-17-13):

Charlie Sheen At War With Selma Blair – She’s Fired!

Charlie Sheen and Selma Blair are in an all out WAR on the set of “Anger Management” … so much so, Sheen says he fired the actress and REFUSES to shoot if she comes to set today, this according to sources connected to the show.

We’re told it all started when Selma complained to “AM” execs that Charlie was a menace to work with — claiming he’s late all the time and has a shoddy work ethic.

Problem is … the actor found out about it and was super pissed. We’re told Charlie felt Selma was out of line considering he’s the star of the show. And he specifically referenced himself learning 40 pages of lines per episode compared to her 2.

But sources close to Sheen tell us the actor did more than just complain … he told everyone HE FIRED SELMA altogether — although it’s unclear how official it was.

Charlie then made it clear to “AM” honchos … if Selma shows up to set Monday — when the show is scheduled to shoot — he’ll refuse to work.

And there’s this … we’re told Charlie now wants to extend an offer to Mila Kunis (a.k.a. Ashton Kutcher’s GF) for a 10 episode arch … at $1 MILLION per episode.

As for the network honchos … our sources say the execs are hoping it will all blow over. But we’re told Charlie specifically asked FX to support him in his decision. Calls to Selma’s people were not returned.

Now here they are in happier (scripted) times …

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Selma Blair Interview With HUNGER TV – Watch Here!

Selma Blair sat down with Hunger TV for this awesome video interview while doing a photoshoot with Rankin for April’s issue of Hunger Magazine. Selma talks about Storytelling, Anger Management, her film career and her love for fashion and photography.

This is the best interview I’ve seen in years.
Watch here and enjoy!

HUNGER TV: SELMA BLAIR from Hunger TV on Vimeo.

Selma Blair Rankin Shoot For Hunger Magazine 3Selma Blair Rankin Shoot For Hunger Magazine 1Selma Blair Rankin Shoot For Hunger Magazine 2

Selma Blair & Charlie Sheen – Anger Management Season 2 Premiere “Charlie Loses It At A Baby Shower”

Check out these photos of Selma Blair and Charlie Sheen sharing a scene together in Anger Management’s Season 2 premiere “Charlie Loses It At A Baby Shower”.

Special guest appearance by Meredith Salenger who plays Charlie’s estranged sister, “Meredith”.

Charlie Sheen & Selma Blair Anger Management Baby Shower 1

Charlie Sheen & Selma Blair Anger Management Baby Shower 2

Charlie Sheen & Selma Blair Anger Management

Charlie Sheen Selma Blair 1

Meredith Salenger Charlie Sheen Anger Management

Selma Blair Meredith Salenger Anger Managment

Anger Management Season 2 Premieres January 17th, 9pm on FX!

Selma Blair Kate Wells Anger Management

Great news, Selma Blair fans!

Anger Management returns with 90 brand new episodes beginning Thursday, January 17th, at 9pm on FX! Ninety episodes. NINETY! Don’t you just love it?!

Check out the official Anger Management FX website –> here <– . Connect with Anger Management on Facebook –> here <– and be sure to follow @AngerMangementFX on Twitter –> here <– for all the latest Anger Management news and updates.

Selma Blair as Kate Wales on Anger Management

Watch Selma Blair and Charlie Sheen in the latest Anger Management promo clips below!






Anger Management Season 2 on FX

Anger Management Season One DVD + Blu-ray Release January 8, 2013

Anger Management Season One DVD Blu-ray Release

Anger Management Season One is out on DVD and Blu-ray today! Be sure to grab a copy and check out all of the behind-the-scenes bonus footage of Selma Blair and Charlie Sheen.

Anger Management Season Two begins January 17th at 9pm on FX!

Anger Management DVD Clip: Charlie Sheen and Selma Blair’s Flirtatious Chemistry

To say Selma Blair made an impression during her audition for Anger Management might be an understatement.

In this exclusive clip from the Charlie Sheen comedy’s Season 1 DVD (available Tuesday, Jan. 8.), Sheen, Blair and executive producer Bruce Helford share behind-the-scenes scoop from Blair’s audition for the role of Kate, Charlie’s therapist, best friend whom he’s also sleeping with. “I remember she read with her legs over his legs,” Helford says. “We were almost kind of embarrassed to be in the room because it was that kind of chemistry between them.”

Blair remembers taking things even further. “I took the opportunity to flirt with Charlie,” she says. “There were a couple choices I made: I think I unbuckled Charlie’s belt, I recall, and Bruce very sweetly afterwards was like, ‘Hmm, you don’t like have to do that as a character.'”

What did Sheen have to say about working with Blair? And which co-star thinks there might be more going on than meets the eye between the on-screen duo? Watch the clip to find out!

Anger Management: Season One comes out on DVD Tuesday, Jan. 8. Season 2 premieres on Thursday, Jan. 17 at 9/8c.

Anger Management Charlie Sheen & Selma Blair Behind The Scenes