Selma Blair Is Passionate About Helping Others With Mobility

July 9, 2019

Selma Blair has been very open and honest about her struggles with MS since her diagnosis and she’s also deeply passionate about helping others. Right now she is focusing on bringing awareness to a possible “game changer” for many people who struggle with mobility issues.

What is Alinker?

This new invention is called the Alinker walking bike designed and created by Barbara Alinker. Unlike a bicycle, it has no pedals. It is designed to keep your body upright, balanced, and at eye level while walking instead of hunched over like you would with a traditional walker or cane. The Alinker bike is a wonderful tool to help people get around and it is also very sporty looking! What a wonderful way to stay active and help those suffering with mobility issues to get out there and get moving.

There are several donation campaigns on the Alinker website for people who cannot afford the mobility game changer so Selma Blair is reaching out to her follower base to spread the word and to encourage those who can help, to do so. Selma has already helped a few people achieve their goals on her own.

Check out these images and videos of Selma Blair with her Alinker.

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We met! I cannot express the gratitude I have towards the kindness and hard work of #barbaraalinker 💛. She is the woman behind the invention, design and build of this wonderful #walkingbike. I have been without my @the_alinker_world while taking care of things back home, seeing family and healing and thought I could manage with my cane. It became untenable and painful to my joints. So she found me. ❤️ she gave me this bike. And I took off. So many people have already stopped me to ask about it. Good thing I am a chatterbox and so happy with this #mobilityaid, I feel like a model at a car show. Gonna nap. And look forward to the days ahead with faster , smoother , increased mobility in a walking city. Thank you thank you @the_alinker_world #gamechanger #reactivateyourbrain #activateyourbrain #kindness #brilliance. #life 🙌 #thealinker

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Today was tough. I couldn’t get out. This was yesterday. Joy. My son hitched a ride and we had a perfect day. I so wish this @the_alinker_world game changer of a mobility aid for people who need and want and are willing to really give it a go. It keeps me going right now thinking people lives are changing for the better. I didn’t think I would be in this state of health with a young kid. I didn’t think I would ever need a cane or wheelchair or mobility aid until well into old age. But here we are. I am happy. I wish I could ride and compete and carry my son and work right now but the work on myself takes precedent. I want this aid for so many people. I am tempted to call my friends and ask? Can we give an #alinker together to someone who has an active campaign going on @the_alinker_world site ? I don’t want to be pushy. But it feels good to help. Spread the word. It’s a community that helps you live again. This walking bike is my lifeline to outside. And that is joy. Let me know. We can post together. Love, pushy blair. Who cares a lot. #alinker @the_alinker_world #changing lives while #arthursaintbleick rides on my life 😂

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Yesterday on my @the_alinker_world ⭐️ it was good day. I am now resting because I find that is the price of going out. So many people have responded to this innovative #walking bike and didn’t realize it even existed. I saw one at doctor this winter. A friend loaned me one and then @jamielynnsigler lovingly gave me hers. Insurance doesn’t cover so they are costly. Worth it, #reactivateyourbrain, but the conversation from #sickcare to #healthcare needs to happen to make these a game changer in the lives of so many people. Barbara is #thealinker has created an innovative #mobilityaid and I am so proud to know her now. As soon as foggy brain lifts or someone over helps me, we will do a giveaway. Someone ( or two) could get a life changing, foldable walking assist. Makes me happy. Stay tuned 💛

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For more information about Alinker or how to help others achieve their fundraising goals to reclaim their freedom and independence please visit

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