Selma Blair’s Amazing Arrival in Ralph & Russo Couture For Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2019

Selma Blair kills it on the red carpet with Ralph & Russo gown and cape with custom cane. SO good to Selma back on the red carpet!

Selma’s Style: Ralph & Russo Couture Autumn Winter 2018/19 Look #46. Multicoloured hand pleated chiffon gown and cape, featuring geometric bodice design and choker, created with Swarovski crystals, pacific and rose water opals.

5 thoughts on “Selma Blair’s Amazing Arrival in Ralph & Russo Couture For Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2019

  1. Hi Selma. I ‘ve just learned for your MS diagnostic. And I’m sad. I’ve the same disease for 15 years and more (i’m french, mys name is Matthieu, I’m 45 year old). In France we called it Sclerose en plaque, it’s sound like the title of a bad horror movie but nevermind it’s the same desease). It changed my life, my way of thinking, my friends and that’s why i’ve wrote you, it’s 5 o clock in the morning in France. I’ve a small MS one. But i can’t walk normally. I have this fucking left foot make me walking a little like DUSTIN HOFFMAN’s caractere in Midnight cowboy. I’m fond of cinema. My passion for cinema and rock music saves me. It doesn’t hurt me, no pain and i think, i’m very lucky in my “malchance”. I’ve just learned by Facebook that you have the same one that’s me. And i’m very touched more than for mine. Because i’ve always loved what you were doing in films. And i’ve always look for you in movies. Now, i understand why And you’re so courageous to make your appearence in OSCARS 2019 with a canne ( You’re so cool, always so beautiful). Me, it’s so hard to tell it to my friends and i can imagine that go to the Oscars with it, it must be hard, you’re very courageous … Thank you. Total Respect.

  2. Very courageous for you to come out and speak about MS!
    We are working on an App to let those affected by MS that can no longer speak be heard via SIRI…Trials are under way in Canada and soon in Kaiser hospitals…
    I watched the interview and you do not need the App but should you wish to discuss how you can help us get the word out, do not hesitate to contact us Selma!
    Marc (Co-Founder, Innodem Neurosciences)

  3. Hi Selma I had to have ms and went through HSCT in Russia which is a life changer, please look it up and consider, you won’t regret.
    I wish you all the best.

  4. I was watching videos on YouTube and came across your Oscar appearance and read of MS. So sorry to hear about that but I must say that your showcase on the carpet was an inspiration. It’s always a bit scary on those things but you showed me and many others what bravery, beauty, and grace looks like. A great example for everyone – and, because I’m a man, you look absolutely stunning. That hair is fierce!! Sending much love your way. Stay strong!

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