2 thoughts on “Selma Blair Waves Heh-Heh-Hello!

  1. Hope you going well. We have in Finland tango queen Saija Varjus who having same disies. She have lost a lots of, but she have having it 11 years. She still found a new relationhip, so life still goes on, what ever you have and hope you get the best doctors what is impossible to gett and you can still having the good times in your life.

  2. Just like you I was relieved with the MS diagnosis. After many years of not knowing I would have taken anything at the time. I’m 72 years old now and have been through hell and back. But I always come back. Most important work with the MS, listen to your body and lay down when the MS tells you to. Don’t try and beat it, that makes things worse. Work with the MS and life will be better. I used to handle the MS national hotline and have spoken to 100’s of MS’ers. We are in a private war and every day is a battle. We can’t win but we can still enjoy.
    Take Care,

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