Selma Blair Gives Thanks

December 6, 2018

Selma Blair gives thanks to some of her favorite peeps.

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Thanksgiving is dwindling down for me. I stayed home. It was the right place for me today. And tears came. And lost myself in Joan Didion and the beautiful documentary by @griffindunne . Sublime. Her dedication to her life’s work ,her way of observing humanity and her ever present dignity through her writing and her presence… cracked me. I have always been grateful to her. She is so much of a person. Thank you #griffindunne and #joandidion for making this film. Thank you to @collectivemetals my forever friend for gifting me these precious gold warrior rings. @james.kennedy_ you have a 💛 of gold. Thank you @mazzhannabeauty for giving my hands some #crystallove . I want the world to have more Joan didions. More Griffin Dunnes. More James Kennedy’s and Mazz Hannah’s More Carrie Fisher , (because I just miss her every day. Knowing she could be there )More connection. More honesty. I have been grieving recently. For the things I took for granted. A cartwheel for my son being one. I was the most gymnastic mom I knew. A cartwheel was just as easy as taking a breath. But when I began to turn one yesterday on an impulse to show my son who had forgotten, it went all wrong. A jumble of confusion for this body I knew so well. A heap. A heap on the ground. And I tried to laugh. As did my son. But it was a turning point. Part of the grim realization. Is this just #ms or Is this still an exacerbation ? Five months and still same way. Or is this my new normal? And then more gets taken away. As Joan has written. The center will not hold. And as I write… neither will the rest of it. So I thank you all for propping me up. We all have something. Now how do we handle it? What do we do when the news is old but dramatically altering our lives every day? Still grateful.

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#Repost @james.kennedy_ @collectivemetals with @get_repost ・・・. 🖤. This is from my college sweetheart… inspiring. Please support @james.kennedy_ and his incredible work. I am having a special one made for me. With love. …🖤. ⭐️. #christmasgiftideas 💛 Over the last few years of making jewelry, I’ve created designs for many local nonprofits and charitable organizations. I’m honored to contribute and help make a difference. To see family or friends struggle with hard times or illness is heartbreaking. I’ve created some #reminderrings with one of my favorite followers here in mind. I’ve known @selmablair since our days at the University of Michigan’s School of Art and Design. She is a beautiful star and always has the #brave strength to honestly share her life with the world. I wanted to create something to help her and all the #mswarriors out there. A reminder to be kind, stay strong, and be the #warrior she is with a #heartofgold💛 Hopefully we can raise some money and awareness for #ms and #teamselma . A portion of every sale will be donated to the cause. . To see the complete collection of #warriorrings , follow @collectivemetals or visit the website

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Selma’s Style: Collective Metals Gold Warrior rings

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