1 thought on “Selma Blair’s Teeny-Tiny Hand

  1. Selma , I have always enjoyed your roles throughout the years ,I just found out about your recent diagnosis with MS.Our 33 year old son Jordan was diagnosed 4 1/2 years ago and it progressed rapidly in 2017.We found out through colleges in my Business last January 2018 that Envita Medical Clinic in Scottsdale Arizona had made discoveries that many auto immune diseases like MS,Parkinson etc are often caused by Lyme Disease.We sent him down for testing and he came back positive for Lyme Disease.We sent him and his wife and two children in April and May 2018 (2 full months ).They have figured out how to kill Lyme at Envita and once that was done all his MS symptoms have disappeared.If you would like more details contact me and I can get Jordan to explain the whole process.It has truly been a blessing to our entire families.
    Sincerely Sean Murray
    Cell 780-231-0723

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