Selma Blair Does Voice Work For New Cartuna Cartoon Series

May 22, 2018

Selma Blair announced on Instagram that she will be voicing a cartoon character for Cartuna’s new show Liverspots + Astronots. Here’s a little bit about the new adult cartoon show :

Liverspots + Astronots

Fueled by existential dementia and hallucinogenic animation, Liverspots + Astronots pits a ragtag group of senile curmudgeons (and one insightful ape) against their own inhibitions, an evil goat-faced alien doctor, and the mysteries of space-time.

No one seems to know why Dusty Craters, a dilapidated nursing home, is floating through space carrying a colorful assortment of grumpy elderly folks under the care of an evil goat doctor. But when Big Man and Roosi — a telepathic female ape and the ship’s brightest senior resident — slowly begin to unravel the mystery of Dusty Craters, they soon discover that it may play an integral role in the survival of the universe.

A Cartuna Original

Created By:

Nate Milton & Rob Bohn

Written By:

Nate Milton, Rob Bohn, Daniel Shepard & Diana McCorry

Executive Produced By:

Nate Milton, Rob Bohn, Daniel Shepard, James Belfer & Adam Belfer


Diana McCorry

Art Direction and Animation By:

Nate Milton and Rob Bohn

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