Selma Blair Shares Her Past 20 Yrs With Fans On Instagram

May 16, 2018

Selma Blair shares her Hollywood ups and downs for the past 20 years with her Instagram fanbase. Another perfect example of why she’s adored by so many.

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I came to Los Angeles over twenty years ago. I lived in this cute studio apt in Brentwood. I met my best friend next door. Hi @lisa.arenson . I met a cute guy and I am still pals with his sister . Hi @kimgarvinferrier 💕 I had all the hope in the world. Auditions came. Work came. I kissed a girl . Hi @sarahmgellar ! 💋I made friends. I lost many and miss some. I battled alcoholism and depression and anxiety. I am now winning that battle. Hi a much better life! I worked with some of the best directors, hi #toddsolondz, #guillermodeltoro, @rogerkumble @robertluketic @paulfeig . I did Some shit jobs too. I ate some shit. I worked with @karllagerfeld and @prada . Hi icons! I was mentored by the incomparable #ingridsischy and loved by #carriefisher. Hi more grief! I laughed loudly and wept even more loudly. Hi New Years 2008! I have had my closest friends work hard for me.. hi @thetexastroya and @kristasmith @jaime_king @juliedesanto @michnader @anneagleton @rrichnyc @yesornoah @brianbowensmith @benleemusic @ioneskyelee @mattboren @tarasubkoff @bonnyrburke and especially @csiriano ⭐️.!standing by. Being a part of my team. I had a son. Hi Arthur! I lived with #postpartumdepression for 4 long years. Crippling anxiety. I fell apart. The last moment being very public. I was sorry. I was humbled. I stayed humble. I even found support on these pages. Hi @voltaire_no.5 @therealthaibarani @bradley.dock @urawinner7272 @jimfarrellxx @hoora_smart @juliachastain @juliarestoinroitfeld @noah.d.newman @jaredeng ! and so many other moms. I got better. The weight of grief began to lift. I still struggle. I cry quietly so as not to wake my child. I am a good mother. But I have always been an actress. An actress who hasn’t had hope I will really work again. Now, when I finally have a well to draw from. It could all change on some Tuesday afternoon. For better or for worse. I want to have hope again. I want to thank you all for believing in me.I want to find the right work for me. And for me as a mom and as a woman who has come so far in personal ways. I want to make us all proud. 21 years later. #heartonsleeve. It’s a random Tuesday. Maybe miracles will happen ⭐️ #actress

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