2 thoughts on “Sending Love To Selma Blair

  1. Hi Selma. I hope you feel better soon. Believe it or not, we all have slow times in our careers. Now is a particularly slow time in my career as a an environmental scientist. People in my field are not very popular these days. The key thing is to believe in yourself and your talents—and continue to work on potential new opportunities to the degree that you feel like it from one day to the next. If clinical depression is a problem, work on that first with some good professional help, There is no shame in doing that—been there myself a few times. Then you will have more energy to pursue those opportunities I have mentioned.

    I am not a person who follows so-called “celebrities.” However, I have seen some of your work in various media venues over the years. It is high quality work—very high quality. That is something to be really proud of in a jaded world that seems unable to get the French fries into the takeout bag. Here is a big (((HUG))) for a rough day. We all have them.

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