Candid Camera – Sofia Coppola Shares Selma Blair Polaroids In W Magazine


by Sofia Coppola
Photos by Robert Rich

Before there was Instagram, there were Polaroids, and the ones that Robert Rich took were seen only on the walls of his office. Robert was the manager of the Marc Jacobs store on Mercer Street in 
New York, and I spent what felt like a good part of the late ’90s and early 2000s there in his basement office. Instead of stepping into the luxurious dressing rooms, actresses, models, and special clients tried on clothes and posed in Robert’s crowded space behind the stockroom, which was covered in Polaroids and pages torn from magazines. Winona Ryder and Lil’ Kim donned court and premier outfits, Kate Moss undressed, Selma Blair pouted. Robert gave me a framed photo of Bill Murray when I was trying to meet the actor for a movie I wanted to make. And we all spent hours hanging out, dressing up, and posing for him—when there was nowhere else we’d have rather been, and we didn’t have as much to do. After years had passed, Robert let me go through a box of his photos 
and remember that moment in time.

Selma Blair Robert Rich Polaroids 1

Selma Blair Robert Rich Polaroids 2

Selma Blair Robert Rich Polaroids 3

Selma Blair Robert Rich Polaroids 4


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