Selma Blair To Speak At The 2012 National Memorial Day Concert

Be sure to tune in to PBS on Sunday, May 27th, 8:00 – 9:30 p.m. EST for the National Memorial Day Concert. 2011 Grammy-nominated Selma Blair (Best Spoken Word Children’s Album) will be speaking at this year’s awesome event. Do not miss it!

6 thoughts on “Selma Blair To Speak At The 2012 National Memorial Day Concert

  1. Why did you have an actress, Selma Blair, portray the wife, Mrs. Cain, of a soldier who died in Afghanistan???

    I can’t believe that you Hollywoodized a woman and children! It devalues the meaning of his death.

  2. I believe his widow would disagree with you. Selma Blair did a wonderful job reading that letter and to my understanding – actors have always read the letters on the program. It is an honor to read them.

  3. I only caught the ending , it was very moving and I am a Widow , not a WAR widow but everything she said is everything I too have felt, I would like to see a replay if anyone has a link to Selma speech please .. I need to blast it to so many people who need to hear the message

  4. Miss Blair, you did an absolutely wonderful job reading that letter. It took one hell of a strong woman to get through that. Thank you, for helping Mrs Cane tell her story, and for remembering our Veterans and their families this Memorial Day.

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