THE CHALKBOARD Riddle Me This Q&A: Selma Blair

The Chalkboard great little handwritten Q&A with Selma Blair!

TCM Q&A: Selma Blair
by The Chalkboard

Here at The Chalkboard, we believe that there is always something to learn, and the easiest way to get more wisdom, information, and knowledge is to ask questions.Lots of them. From the best advice you ever got to the one product you can’t give up, there’s no end to the things we are curious about. So we whipped up a signature Q&A and sent it out to all of our friends, heroes, and perfect strangers with the hope that their responses would shed some light on how our favorite folks are living well.

Today, for our first Q&A installment, we’re featuring Selma Blair. This multi-talented actress may be known for her onscreen roles and independent spirit, but as you can see from her thoughtful, often hilarious answers, there’s plenty more to learn from this new mom and animal activist.


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