Columbus Circle Blu-Ray Release March 6th, 2012

In March, Universal Studios Home Entertainment will bring Columbus Circle to Blu-ray. This psychological thriller stars Selma Blair (Cruel Intentions) as an agoraphobic heiress forced to deal with the death of her elderly neighbor.

From Universal’s official press release:

“When…[the death] prompts NYPD Homicide Detective Frank Giardello (Giovanni Ribisi, Saving Private Ryan) to launch an investigation…[she] is distressed to find him outside her door, questioning her. Having tried to acquire the now vacant apartment to ensure her privacy, [the heiress] is further upset when new tenants Lillian (Amy Smart, Varsity Blues) and Charlie (Jason Lee, Chasing Amy) move in. [Blair’s character] anxiously monitors her new neighbors from the safety of her front door’s peephole, but her well-ordered world begins to unravel when she finally encounters Lillian and Charlie face-to-face and her sheltered existence becomes threatened in unexpected and terrifying ways.”

Universal’s Blu-ray presents the film in its original aspect ratio of 2.39:1 with a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track. Further supplementary details have not yet been confirmed.

Columbus Circle is expected to street on March 6th.


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