Selma Blair: My Son Arthur “Looks Like a Turtle”

Now that he’s nearly 3-months-old, Selma Blair’s son Arthur is starting to come out of his shell.

“He looks like a little turtle,” she told Us Weekly at Wednesday’s Beckley by Melissa launch party in L.A. “He’s an amazing baby. We’re so in love, as I imagine most parents are.”

The Cruel Intentions actress, who’s currently dating fashion designer Jason Bleick, admitted that they’ve had to make a few adjustments since becoming parents.

“I may hire someone,” Blair explained. “There’s no going it alone anymore at night. But Arthur’s amazing. He’s a joy and he’s so settled. He’s a happy baby.”

Blair added that she and Bleick also have to “schedule date nights.”

“My friend watched the baby Friday and tonight’s a date night,” she told Us on the red carpet. “So it’s a big deal. They’re few and far between, but we appreciate them.”Source

Selma Blair Tweets Photo Of Cute Baby Turtles:

“For anyone who might think baby turtles are not cute. Just to be clear.”

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