Selma Blair Talks Baby Weight

Although Selma Blair says she honestly hasn’t lost an ounce of baby weight since giving birth to her baby son Arthur six weeks ago, the actress looked runway-ready at J.Mendel‘s Fashion Week show today in New York.

The fashionable Hellboy star chatted with E! News about her new life as a mother—and how she plans to get back in tip-top shape…

“It’s life-changing,” the first-time parent told E! News. “I totally had respect for mothers that I didn’t know I had. And I’m exhausted and in shock and thrilled at the same time.”

Despite pressure for Hollywood moms to get back to their pre-pregnancy bods, Blair—who looked slim and lovely in a beautiful black J. Mendel dress, says she’s taking her time when it comes to losing her baby weight.

“I am not fabulous,” she told us, laughing. “It is a mess of Jell-O all over my body. I’m relying on beautiful clothes to mask what is happening to my body. And no, I have not lost any baby weight yet. Any. I’m only six weeks after birth, [but] now I’m at the point where I can exercise, so I will. I will start Pilates again and Bodyline, and I have a trainer. I’ve been following Alicia Silverstone’s diet stuff too.”

Blair is also looking to book her next acting gig. “I’m going to try to get my mind back together and hopefully get a great job,” she said.

After city hopping in Venice and Toronto, Blair said she came out to the J.Mendel‘s runway show because the designer’s style is so original.

“I’ve always loved J.Mendel,” she said. “I’ve always loved clothes that don’t necessarily follow trends, clothes that definitely surpassed with their quality. I’ve worn his coats and his clothing in my personal life. They’re just timeless, elegant, chic clothes.”

Joining the hot mama in the show’s front row were Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who required extra security to protect them from the throngs of photographers angling to snap their picture. The duo sat side by side, laughing and whispering throughout the show, while model Andela Lindvall, a longtime fan of the line, sat a few seats away, looking absolutely stunning in a big, bright hat.


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